Day 6: Yogyakarta

As much as I start to like Jakarta, nothing beats the excitement of getting back to Yogyakarta. The committee took us to lunch right away to Parsley. My order came out late but it was good meals so they pretty much were forgiven. We’ll be staying in one house in UGM area (Universitas Gadjah Mada) for the next 10 days. We switch roommate, now I have Theresa in my room.

We had a welcome dinner in Royal Garden Restaurant. It was the first time I went there and it turns out to be a really nice place, with good foods too. Even vegetables taste delicious. I think delicious vegetables are the parameter of good restaurant, because I found it uneasy to cook good vegetables.

I think the house is giving a whole different atmosphere to us. We can just wear our shorts and hanging out at the dining room. We felt tired, but I guess the homy situation makes us feel better so instead of going to bed right away, we still gosipping about stuffs, or interneting, and watching tv. I don’t think I have much to say for today. I hope tomorrow is gonna be exciting!


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