Day 5: Thankyou, Jakarta!

The rain was pouring down as we went back to Wisma Makara from the farewell dinner. The meals were great, but we had to say goodbye to some people who’ve been spending these several days with us. After he asked us to fill an evaluation form, Pak Jun gave us a lovely gift we love so much, it is our group picture in the first lecturing session with Pak Maswadi Rauf, everyone of us look good in the picture. UI definitely made a good start for USIPP 2012. And today was one of the best days!

We woke up late and lazy, except Ellie and Pak Llyod who went biking around campus, I kind of regret my lazy decision because they looked so fresh and healthy after biking. We left campus at 9 am, headed to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (mini beautiful park of Indonesia, or TMII). I thought I’ve been there before, but I’m not sure, even if I had, it was yearsss ago when I was a toddler. TMII was awesome! They weren’t exaggerating when they called it mini version of Indonesia. There are around 50 sites to visit in the park, but due to the time limits, we could only go around and entered 4 sites. TMII, by the way, was initiated by Ibu Tien Suharto, the wife of the former President Suharto. The first site we entered was Museum Indonesia, they keep the traditional dresses from all provinces in Indonesia, the traditional houses and the equipments from all over Indonesia. After lunch we stopped by at the traditional house of West Sumatra, rumah gadang. We took pictures, and watched a topeng monyet, in which the monkey was very friendly, he jumped to my lap, and then Theresa’s, Shannon’s, and Uwi’s. Bu what we waited the most was to meet the komodo. His name is Bima, he was taken care by TMII since he was a baby, so he isn’t wild and dangerous like any komodo. He is huge!! The ranger let us to get inside the cage, to pet the komodo and took picture with him. I was a little afraid because I’m having my period. And usually people who are in period or are bleeding are not allowed to get nearby komodo because it can smell the blood and chase you. But the ranger finally said its okay, because I think he would feel bad too if I didn’t get the chance to touch the komodo, since it was probably one in a lifetime chance. So I did, and Bima stayed cool. After Bima, we went around the reptile park. Mostly we felt bad because these crocodiles and snakes and turtles are kept in very small cages L We also took pictures with a snake, a huge snake! Our last site in TMII was the cable car, I got in a cable car with Cindhi, Ellie and Shannon. It was great to see the TMII from above, but I was a little freaked out too.

Right after we get to the wisma, my aunt Tante Arfi called me. Tante Arfi and Om Indra picked me up from the wisma and brought me to KFC to see my cousins, Dida and Aren. These are two cousins that I’m always proud of. Dida is in 7th grade and she is a musician, she has angelic voice and she plays violin, piano and guitar, and God knows what else. While Aren is probably the most creative little girl I know. She is smart, skilful and brave. She speaks in a good English accent, she knits, she takes care of animals and has thousands of ideas in her mind. We haven’t see each other for awhile, so we drank hot chocolate in KFC while catching up stories. Dida has grown to be a pretty lady and boys like him in school (she goes to this music high school, or SMM- Sekolah Menengah Musik. I always imagine this place just like in Glee or High School Musical). She goes from one music concert to another, and she already makes her own money by teaching violin to people. Aren keep exploring the world. I’m pretty sure she has multiple intelligences because she is not only good in art, but also math, language and social skill. So she thinks she will try everything a little bit more while she is young and energetic. But one thing that she has been decided is that she attracted to foreigner! Hahaha.. We talked about opportunities to study abroad. I knew that these girls will make it to foreign countries someday, and they will become more amazing as they grow older.

So that’s how I spent my day. Before I go to sleep, I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone who made my day! Dida, Aren, Tante Arfi and Om Indra who shared warmness of the family in this cold night. And of course to everyone in Universitas Indonesia! Pak Junaidi, Mbak Meita, Alan, Mbak Widi, Steve, Mbak Wulan, Arum, Yudha, Widia, Puspa, and everyone I might missed to mention! I never thought I would be saying this someday, but, “Thankyou, Jakarta! You’ve been very nice!”


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